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Photograph of Astor Piazzolla with his bandoneon in 1971, taken from this page. Copyright by Pupeto Mastropasqua.


Public domain This image is in the public domain because the copyright of this photograph, registered in Argentina, has expired. (Both at least 25 years have passed after the photograph was created, and it was first published at least 20 years ago, Law 11.723, Article 34 as amended, and Berne Convention Article 7 (4)).

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07:10, 3 August 2005 en:User:Karol Langner (fmt)
11:13, 2 August 2005 en:User:Karol Langner (Astor Piazzolla playing the bandoneon. {{Albumcover}})

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20.12, 26 Şubat 200620.12, 26 Şubat 2006 tarihindeki sürümün küçültülmüş hâli650 × 831 (93 KB)MaksimLa bildo estas kopiita de wikipedia:en. La originala priskribo estas: == Summary == Photograph of Astor Piazzolla with his bandoneon in 1971, taken from [ this page]. Copyright by Pupeto Ma

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